Military and Public Service Links

If you know of other interesting links to military sites, e-mail them to me and I'll get them listed.

U.S. Army Homepage
Military Police Homepage
391st Military Police Battalion
Personnel Command Homepage
U.S. Army Recruiting Command
Ft. McClellan Homepage
34th M.P. Co. Homepage
442nd M.P. Co. Homepage
U.S. Army CID

Canadian Air Force Homepage The only foriegn service homepage I've found that's in English (and French, if you're interested). This one has a lot of great pictures of planes (if you like planes).
Bob and Cindy's Police and Fire page A great place for links to police and fire pages for all 50 states!
Fugitive Watch Catch crooks on-line!
Crimefiles Catch crooks on-line and make some cash for it!
Police Officer's Internet Directory A comprehensive Police Homepage listing
PoliceScanner.Com If you have RealAudio (see my software page), you can listen to LIVE police and fire radio traffic here!

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