209th Military Police Company,

519th Military Police Battalion

Last update was 19 Dec 1999

The 209th Military Police Company is Headquartered at Ft. Polk, Louisiana.

Commander - CPT Andrew J. Knell

First Sergeant - 1SG Leo M. Stolfi


> Deploy on order from FORSCOM in support of various contingency and rotational missions.

> Support local law enforcement efforts on Fort Polk, Louisiana.


> The 209th most recently deployed to Kuwait in support of Operations Desert Thunder and Southern Watch in the spring of 1998.

> Most recently the unit moved from Fort McClellan to Fort Polk, LA as part of the base realignment and closure program. We were reassigned to the 519th Military Police Battalion.

> The United States Army Military Police School at Fort McClellan is now closed. USAMPS and the Chemical School have relocated to Fort Leonard-Wood, MO to form the MANCEN with the US Army Engineer School

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